Using the Course

Course Topics

To receive the greatest benefit from LINCCLearn online courses, it is recommended that you use the training manual as a guide while viewing the demonstrations.
Unit 1: Overview of the ILL Module
    Unit 1 Manual
    Lesson 2 Demonstration
Unit 2: Managing ILL Requests
    Unit 2 Manual
    Lesson 1 Demonstration
    Lesson 3-4 Demonstrations
    Lesson 5-9 Demonstrations
    Lesson 10-11 Demonstrations
Unit 3: Managing Lending ILL Requests
    Unit 3 Manual
    Lesson 1-4 Demonstrations
    Lesson 5-6 Demonstrations
    Lesson 7-9 Demonstrations
Unit 4: Searching in the ILL Mode
    Unit 4 Manual
    Lesson 1 Demonstration
    Lesson 2-5 Demonstrations
    Lesson 6-8 Demonstrations
Unit 5: Using the Task Manager
    Unit 5 Manual
    Lesson 1-3 Demonstrations
    A: LINCC Documentation and Help
    B: List of Request Statuses
    C: LINCC ILL Reports